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August 2005
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About Points
New to version 2.1 are Studio Zero Points. Essentially, points are the equivalent of currency at the Studio. Much like real money, you can earn points, and then spend them on various features at The Shop.

Earning Points
So, then how exactly are you expected to acquire points? You've gotta make a living and feed your family. Luckily, earning points at SZ is fairly simple. Below is a list of the most popular (and often the easiest) way to obtain points. This list is not exclusive, and may be expanded. Ultimately points can really be given on a situation-by-situation basis.

  • Submitting codes (up to 10 points per code)
  • Submitting tutorials (up to 10 points per tutorial)
  • Submitting premades (up to 10 points per resource)
  • Submitting articles (up to 10 per article from 10-12-09 on, 3 for previously submitted articles)
  • Submitting templates (up to 20 points per template)
  • Filling a graphics or code request (up to 5 points per request)
  • Winning a contest (point amount varies by contest)
  • Creating a great discussion thread (up to 5 points per thread)
  • Contributing in Name the Game. For every point you earn in Name the Game, you have the option to cash it in for SZ points
  • Creating a thread that gets more than 25 replies (10 points)
  • Posting in a topic that gets more than 25 replies (1 point per post; no more than 5 points allotted per thread)
  • Achievements! Described in next post (varying points)
  • Posting in general (0.1337 points per post)
  • Surpassing  in either total achievements, points, or posts, one time (100/300/1000 points, respectively)

So more or less, everything you do at SZ can really earn you points, and if you play your cards right, quickly. If you think there is something else that should be awarded with points, let us know in The Shop or the feedback board and we will add it to the list.

Spending Points
Your points, your choice. You can keep your points so you can rack up a huge amount and brag about how your points are bigger than that guy's points. You can also cash in your hard work at The Shop. Or you can send a message to  and we can possibly work out another option.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do you mean by "with few restrictions" for the code and graphics request?
A: This means that most of the rules in our free request boards are thrown out the window. For example, you could request an info center even though that's against the normal rules. We will also PM you the result instead of posting it so that people can't leach off of your "purchase." (If you want the result to be public, that is also an option.)

Q: Can we donate our points to someone else?
A: If you message  from the donating account, we will transfer the points at your request. Heck, this can even earn you an achievement.

Q: I have a new idea for earning points/spending them/achievements/points in general. Where do I go?
A: We'll gladly accept new ideas, at which point you can post them in the feedback board or The Shop.

Q: Are points awarded automatically or do we have to notify a staff member?
A: Points are not awarded automatically, and every achievement and point we award must be done by hand. So if you satisfy the requirement for an achievement, you must PM one of the administrators with proof of its completion, at which point one of us will make the necessary changes to your profile.

Q: You mention surpassing as a way to earn points, but it's a one time deal? What exactly does that mean?
A: It means that everything is awarded the first time you do it. If you were to pass in total achievements, but then he passed you, only to be passed by you again, you would not receive the reward again. You only receive the first reward. You can however receive a reward for passing him in total achievements, total posts, and total points, giving you a total of 3rewards for passing him.

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August 2005
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About Achievements
One of the biggest and fastest ways to earn points at the Studio is by completing achievements. Simply put, an achievement is awarded for a task completed at the studio. They can be easy, difficult, and altogether random. "Task" is vague, and while I can describe in greater detail, the point will be made clearer by reading the examples. Achievements come in packs, and yes, you get points for completing a pack as well as the achievements within. While some specify proof through screen shots, you will need to notify the staff either through an image or a link that you have successfully completed an achievement. To do this, simply message .

Achievements Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to claim EVERY achievement once I unlock it?
A: In general, it is in your best interest to claim each achievement. Achievements need to be individually verified and awarded, so it will help if you report them to us. The staff is currently working on a system to automatically detect new achievements for users and award them, but that's still in development. Hidden Achievements can NOT be claimed and will only be handed out as staff notice.

Q: For the achievement "Activity Through Diversity," do I really have to post in every single board?
A: You have to post in the majority of them. There are a few exceptions. The exceptions include all hidden boards (code index, generators, etc.) and the Archive Board (and all of its sub-boards). Keep in mind that posting in a sub-board DOES NOT count towards a post in the parent board, and vice-versa. Also, there are some boards which you can have a post in one or the other because threads get moved between the two so often. The following are as such:

Q: How will I know if I've annoyed Josh for the achievement "Take That, Fredy!"?
A: Trust us... he'll let you know.

Q: What if I've rickrolled two from the group of , , , and , but they haven't admitted it?
A: Then you're a liar. They're forced to admit it (at least to you via PM) if you rickroll them at any point on the forum.

Q: What are these "Hidden Achievements" that I keep hearing about?
A: The hidden achievements are a group of twenty legendary achievements. Each achievement is worth 30 points for unlocking. Completion of the group is worth 500 points. The names of the achievements are not publicly released... but if you're sneaky enough, you might discover a few of them by looking at members' profiles. Hidden achievements names are [surrounded by brackets] inside the listing of unlocked achievements. If a staff member notices that you have achieved one of these achievements, they will automatically unlock it for you. These can not be claimed.

Q: How do we know if a member is "active" for 6.1) Happy Birthday to You?
A: A typical guideline is if they have more than 150 posts or have posted 5 times in the last two days. Remember that this is a GUIDELINE and not set in stone.

Q: Is there any more information on how to unlock certain achievements?
A: Chris is currently working on a set of articles that cover tips and tricks on how to unlock certain achievements. They can be found in our Articles board.

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September 2005
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Achievement Packs
Below are the current achievement packs released on Studio Zero. The exception being that hidden achievement packs are not shown below. The only way to get information on hidden achievements is by finding users with them and guessing.

Achievement Pack 1: The Basics
(5 points per item; 10 for completion)

1. Yo, I'm new!
Make an introduction thread in the Intro! board
2. 0.1 k
Achieve a post count of 100 or higher
3. Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Create a thread that reaches five pages
4. Idea Man
Create a topic in the Feedback and Suggestions board
5. Cha-Ching
Spend some of your hard-earned points at the shop

Achievement Pack 2: I Support the Studio
(7 points per item; 20 for completion)

1. I'm a helper! ^-^
Help the Studio by filling a basic code, code support, graphics, or skin request
2. Contribution Received
Submit a resource to the Studio
3. Orkin Man
Report any bug/glitch in the Feedback and Suggestions board; completed when the bug is fixed
4. Studio Member
Achieve a post count of 500 or higher
5. Critique Extraordinaire
Fully review 10 items in the Personal Showcase board

Achievement Pack 3: The Weird, Wild, and Wacky
(10 points per item; 50 for completion)

1. Staff Sleuth
Screencap at least three staff members online at one time; PM to Chris. No photoshop jobs. We can see pixels
2. Push it to the Limit
Be online the day Studio Zero breaks its users online record; screencap and PM for achievement completion
3. Never Gonna Give You Up
Successfully rickroll two members of the group of Chris, Fredy, and Scorpian
4. Hello, Mr. Studio
Have a conversation with Team Studio
5. Take that, Fredy!
Successfully annoy Fredy

Achievement Pack 4: We Are the Champions
(10 points per item; 75 for completion)

1. That's What She Said
Win a caption contest
2. I Will Survive!
Win a hangman contest
3. Gaming Enthusiast
Earn 20 points in Name the Game
4. Trophy Wife
Win one of Studio Zero's annual awards
5. Blue Ribbon Winner
Win a contest other than the ones specified in this pack

Achievement Pack 5: I Got Posting Fever
(12 points per item; 60 for completion)

1. The Mad Spammer
Create 15 posts in 24 hours
2. Enough to Knit a Sweater
Create 5 threads in 24 hours
3. Activity Through Diversity
Have at least one post in every single board, including sub-boards
4. I Am Legend
Achieve a post count of 2,000 or higher
5. I Wanna Be the Very Best
Become one of the top 30 posters on the "Top Posters" page

Achievement Pack 6: Birthday Bonanza
(15 points per item; 60 for completion)

1. Happy Birthday to You
Be the first person to make a happy birthday thread for an "active" member. (Active status is determined by staff; see FAQ) Doesn't count if you make one for yourself
2. Los Dos Anos
Be a registered member of Studio Zero for at least two years
3. Dedication
Log onto SZ on your birthday and post 5 times
4. Congratulations!
Have a "Happy birthday" thread made for you. Doesn't count if you make one for yourself
5. Mmmm, Cake
Post a picture of you and your "cake" in your birthday thread. You can be creative with this one

Achievement Pack 7: Back to Basics
(10 points per item; 50 for completion)

1. Staff Approval
Have 5 different staff members post in a single thread that you created
2. Best. Topic. Ever.
Post 15 posts in a single thread
3. Peer Approval
Receive 25 karma
4. Consolation Prize
Participate in a contest on the Studio, but don't win
5. I Want In!
Join a custom member group. ("Staff" counts as a group)

Achievement Pack 8: How to: Trick Out Your Miniprofile
(20 points per item; 100 for completion)

1. Rich Uncle Pennybags
Donate 100 points to other members. (Donating points that they donated to you does not count.)
2. Get Off My Lawn
Achieve a post count of 1,000 or higher
3. 1337
Get at least 1,337 posts and at least 1,337 points
4. Scrooge
Get 500 points
5. High Roller
Spend at least 300 points in the shop at once.

Achievement Pack 9: How to: Create a Good Thread
(25 points per item; 150 for completion)

1. Sight Seer
Create a thread that receives 500 views
2. For Your Viewing Pleasure
Create a thread that receives 1,000 views
3. Peer Approval, Take 2
Create a thread that receives replies from 10 other members
4. Party Animal
Create a forum game that is not a duplicate.
5. Weekly Dedication
Post 5 times per day for a week. (Screenshots are required.)

Achievement Pack 10: Anything and Everything
(20 points per item; 150 for completion)

1. Mile High club
Earn a combined 5,280 points and posts
2. Jack of All Trades
Submit three different kinds of resources
3. Conversationalist
Create 15 threads in the Convention Center
4. Hello, Police?
Earn 911 points
5. Apple, Pumpkin, and Blueberry Too
Average at least 3.14 posts/day for a week

Achievement Pack 11: Tiding Over
(20 points per item; 150 for completion)

1. A Post a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Be a registered member for one year and have at least 365 posts
2. First!
Be the first to reply to an announcement or dev blog post
3. On the Go
Post on SZ using the mobile app
4. I Came, I Saw, I Dominated
Surpass the staff average (excluding Team Studio) in number of achievements, points, posts, or karma
5. God Thread
Create a thread that receives 2,000 views

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